My top three pet peeves

Pet peeves – There are probably a lot of things/ people piss me off, but limiting myself to three here.

Coughing and sneezing

It takes one shitty second to cover your face before coughing or sneezing. Won’t you spare that second; It’s disgusting and rude. I see it as they are very obvious and they just don’t care. I totally detest it and at any cost, I won’t accept it.

And second-hand smoke too.

Am I rude? I’m sorry. Not sorry.


You didn’t see that coming. Did you?

Yeah, It annoys when parents show their baby’s pictures/ videos and tell ‘My kid is a genius or how cute’. Missy, ALL kids of that age do that. If your kid is not doing that then that is abnormal and now let’s discuss it. And it’s your damn kid, please limit it with you and your husband. Don’t bring to work, I don’t need that entertainment. I have enough managers around my cubicle to entertain me.

I won’t even fake a smile to the kids who talk way more mature than their age, especially kids between 5 to 10. And the worst thing is their parents are so proud of it and they ask kids to do that when some come home. Come on… Teach your kids good manners and embrace their innocence. (I double hate the kid in ‘Imaikka nodigal’).

“No offense” tag

So I’m in the middle of my 26 now and I’ve been hearing the tag more frequently nowadays. Man, this phrase is not entitling you with the power to say whatever crap you wanted to say and sugar coat with a fake smile and a ‘No offense’ I would prefer to reply back to you ‘Fuck you! No offense’ and of course with that fake smile. Stop behaving over smart; Taste your words before spitting.

Above all, to be honest, are we always happy about ourselves? Don’t we have at least a little part of us that we wanted to possess differently or get rid of it?

I would like to hear your biggest pet peeves. Post it on the comment. 

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