Someone who inspires me

When I read the topic of the day ‘someone who inspires me’, Not a single celebrity, entrepreneur or fictional character crossed my mind. Actually it was my cousin sister, Sheeba, whom I started to think about. She is a 19 year old teenager who’s waiting for her final school result. Yeah, She is kind of 7 years younger than me yet she has certain amazing traits which made me write this.

She is a school-goer who likes to watch movies especially those Korean movies (Never I watched any, maybe I should see what all the hype is about). She is a chocoholic; she prefers chocolate over anything. Basically an adventurous and an exact opposite of a boring person; She always has something to talk about and I never had a boring time with her.

She’s just a cool bean. Others’ opinions won’t bother her; She deals with people with her own grace. when I say hungry, she would say let’s pig out; She won’t bring up the internet essays about diet. If anyone compliments her outfit she receives with a smile. If someone inverts it, she is a person who thinks ‘I damn like this freaking dress, I don’t care whether you like it or not’. Ohh my girl, I just love that. I do agree she might me dealing with her own distress privately. Either way she’s clearly a show topper here. Man, she’s just a teenage who’s dealing with people/ problem much more cooler than many of us.

I admire her outrageous way of carrying herself. I used to think a thousand times before posting a pic in social media. ‘Am I looking good? Is the pic good? Should I add it to grid or status? What to caption? People might think I’m bossy? I shouldn’t post Pondy pics, people will get it wrong’. And I mentally answer all these questions and a lot more, then I’ll take the pictures to my close circle to see their perspective. After all these, a pic will be posted in social media. I know many of you can relate it. But when my sister posts a picture, I see one genuine reason for the post. She enjoyed the moment or the people around hence she is taking the pic to the grid. How amazing is that and how simple it is! Not giving a shit to anyone or in what perspective others get, Just that she liked and she’s posting. I promise, I’ve posted her pics many times, Never once she pinged me, ‘You posted a ugly picture of me’. I have a list of friends who fought with me for posting their little unlikely photo of theirs. She appreciates how much the other person values her to post her pic. Yeah, a rare finding nowadays.

Oh dear, I always wanted to be a girl like you. When I was a teenager, I spent most of my time worrying about all the insecurities I had. Wish I could have spent those beautiful days right like you. Maybe someday I’ll raise my kids with these traits. I swear I haven’t met a girl like you till date. I can imagine how amazing wife and a cool mom you’re going to be. I admire you! I adore you!! I’ll cherish you forever!!!

You not only my sister, you’re a siSTAR!

When all the stars are sown
Across the night-blue space,
With the immense unknown,
In silence face to face. We stand in speechless awe
While Beauty marches by,
And wonder at the Law
Which wears such majesty.

Bliss Carman

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