5 ways to win my heart

Before 2 years I’ve taken the same 30 days challenge and also I penned my thoughts on the same topic. It’s truly shocking to see how my perspective and thoughts are changing over the years. After all, we all are humans and little I did believe Darwin’s theory of evolution here. Off the top of my head, Let’s step into the topic!

1. Being an introvert I won’t be close with someone until I know them. I tend to judge a person by how he treats his inner circle of people. So yeah it matters the most, how they talk, respect, cares and value their elite gang.

2. Listening is another trait I would look for. I usually have tons of stories to tell; if you’re an active listener, here’s your golden pass. Good luck! Prepare yourself for all the side stories too.

3. You don’t have to tell the truth all the time. Straight forward truths are brutally painful, you can be indirect or tell me the truth later. Sometimes it is better to lie that I am looking good in the dress, which makes me even more comfortable for the situation (ya, introvert things) but later you can unveil the truth in a sarcastic tone! Boom, It’s the truth but not straightforward.

4. I hate surprises, tell/ask me instead. Ya, that’s not a surprise.

5. Oh please never raise the voice. I hate when people raise voice as the argument grows. I can’t sustain it.

6. Bear with me, it’s the last one! I hate clingy people. Excess love suffocates me. Rather, Love yourself surpassingly; I believe a self-loving person has a lot of layers in them; They have got the best experience and excelled in it all along.

But unfortunately, We won’t always carry this checklist along; life introduces people to us. The universe decides the destiny; we’re just puppets in the hands of the universe. I wanted to conclude with a quote I wrote long back!

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