10 songs that I love!

A strange topic for this weirdo. Yeah, I don’t own a playlist and I don’t have the habit of sitting and listening to music. You find it odd? But I’m so! All my friends have an amazing taste in music, they have their idolized musician, a bunch of favorite singers, and infinite songs in their playlists. I’ve always got an outsider’s emotion when they talk about songs.

What if I tell when I listen to songs, it remains my inability. Well, yes, My brain finds it different to remember two things. One is meaningless characters or words and another is can’t remember the exact phrase like poems/ songs which are supposed to be memorized with exact words.

Let me be more clear, It’s not easy to learn a new language and also learning musical chords for me. I found out this when I went to learn the guitar. I started learning with great passion but it didn’t let me learn at all. It took like 6 months for me to learn the basic chords by that time my friend started to play songs even. I tried really hard; I practiced a lot at home. But it didn’t work; sooner I realized these are not my cup of tea and I go easy on me. Also, I spent almost the entire day for 2 years with 2 North Indian friends; But I didn’t learn a single word from them, even though I desperately tried to learn Hindi.

The next thing is I can’t memorize something if I know the context already. Here come the songs. When I hear I know the meaning, so my mind won’t memorize it. As a result, I know the music of the songs, but the words I don’t. Believe me, to date I can’t sing any song completely; not even a chorus without mistake. The same goes for poems, syntax, and anything that I have to remember exactly the same. I know only 2 phone numbers; mine and my mom’s. I’ve been reading the Bible since then I remember. I read psalms 91 almost every day, but I can’t recite it.

These are the memory issues I have. After I figured it out I never tried to force it on me. I always prefer easy for me because I’m good at a lot of other things. I’m glad that I pictured out my own flaws. And I’m so grateful to god for my programming profession. I don’t have to memorize anything, it’s all about logical things. I totally love my profession for that. I wanted to quote a verse from the bible and conclude for today!

And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.

Bible – 1 Corinthians 10:13

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