Something I struggle with

Without any debate, it’s OVERTHINKING. Infinite thoughts of what-ifs, how come, why not, why I reside in this devil’s workshop. I think it’s a numb state, I can’t point out when I start to think but I’ll be back to the scene only after my thinking becomes deadly worse. Hypothetically, if I can decipher my thoughts and arrange each word one above the other, I’m 200% sure it will exceed this universe.

There is a major plus with this struggle. Many tend to see the worst side but overthinking has its own perks. Yeah, I overthink and conclude. I give some serious thought on everything and conclude somewhere. It may be about a person or any situation. Also, Lot of scenarios pop up, as a result, you’re mentally aware of situations and if the situation occurs I won’t surprise me. Of course, these are best out of this hell.

Here is my actual problem, when I overthink my brain becomes active too and results in insomnia. I was fighting insomnia for 4 long years. It was getting worse than anything at a point like I slept by 6 AM and went to work by 11 AM. Yeah that affected my productivity and left me with drowsy feeling all day and night when I hit my bed, overthinking starts to rule my mind and keeps it active. That was one of the worst phases of my life. Fortunately for the past one year, I mastered the art of controlling my overthinking in bed and I won the battle of insomnia. It is simple actually, I play a random episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, within that 23 mins run time of an episode I fall asleep. The logic behind this is, I’m watching the series for the 5th time now so no scene is going to question me ‘what’s next’ so my brain becomes less active. Also, this series captivates my mind, so that no other thought comes in. If you’re a person who overthinks on the bed and fight the battle between overthinking and sleep try the same above and let me know. Watch anything that you love and capture your attention.

Apart from this, all day I’ll be overthinking. Even when I kneel down to pray, after 15 secs of sincere prayer my thoughts will get wings and start to soar. If you’re talking to me and your talk isn’t interesting, my overthinking will put a roadshow. I was a bookaholic once, again here overthinking stole it years ago. Yep overthinking is the ruler of my day time now. At least I took nights over my control.

I had a toxic friend in my life, he used to point out my overthinking habit as noxious and always asks me to overcome it. Of course, it is! And at a point, I took it pretty seriously and booked a psychiatrist considering overthinking as a mental illness. Later I gotta watch this video on my FB feed After I realized women’s brains are supposed to overthink whereas men have the ability to empty their thoughts. Pretty much it’s something like a universal law for human beings, but that friend of mine made me believe that I’m mentally ill. Ufff… that’s why you chose your inner circle who can build you not destroy you.

Learn to see the goodness in the struggle; fight your own battle! Winning or defeating doesn’t matter but you and your struggle matters!!

2 thoughts on “Something I struggle with

  1. Very much relatable.. and sorry Linda that you had to believe it as a mental illness. Thanks for the tips girl. Let me try it out and tell you 🙂


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