Words of wisdom that speaks to me

I’m a person who listens to my inner instinct more than the worldly noise. To share words of wisdom, it’s huge. Let me snap out a few among them.

1. Everything happens for a reason

I’m a blind optimist; I see through everything and fish out some goodness out of it. Everything happens for a reason, but you don’t have to figure out EVERYTHING. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, relax! Better things come together.

2. Faith can even move mountains

Let me tell a kutty story, I’ve been mocked and bullied for my hair till my school. Seriously my hair looks funny; it’s kind of very straight and in every hairstyle, it looks weird. I remember, my mom used to say ‘Pray’ whenever I cried because someone made fun of my hair. I didn’t realize/ notice any change but years later in college girls used to say ‘You’re bestowed with beautiful hair’. Yeah it looks great now, till now I’ve never spent extra money on my hair other than usual Shampoo. So I’m a great believer of faith! And I live by faith,

3. Hustle hard

Every time I read this it pushes me to work really hard and boosts me to try something beyond my edges. It does work.

4. You are enough

I know everyone in their life goes through something hard, then after it’ll be difficult for them to believe that they’re worth enough. But how tough life becomes there is a purpose for everyone and to accomplish it ‘You are enough’.

5. Self-respect and inner peace

I admire the quality of mine; I never give a second thought to walking out from a person or situation which costs my peace or doesn’t serve respect anymore. And I never regret doing that. I know it’s not wisdom, but to love yourself you should never compromise on respect and inner peace.

You can’t hear what your wisdom says until you tune down the external noise. Be your master, sit back, breathe, and make decisions. Maintain your sanity and keep your aura healthy. Whatever it takes, do it for yourself, never compromise. 

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