My ‘what ifs’

What if I were never made to this world – Hmm, I’m one in billion but yet countable!

What if I had blue eyes – Instead of unique, My environment would have made me believe abnormal.

What if I were born in a filthy rich family – Probably I wouldn’t have gone to work and I would have lived in my parent’s identity.

What if I were born in a family under the poverty line – Just like now I would have worried all day; That worry would have been about getting food, now it’s about eating without gaining weight. Ufff, it’s depressing!

What if I were born as a boy – That comes with a huge responsibility; Glad that I’m a woman.

What if I had a boyfriend – Ummm, interesting; tell me more 😛

What if I had a sweet voice – I never would have stopped singing.

What if I were pregnant before marriage – Definitely I would have lived a life that could be worth filming. Lol.

What if someone pays me to travel – Damn that’s my fantasy dream

What if I were an only child – I could have learned adjusting and sharing in a difficult way. Also would have lived peacefully without this monster.

What if I were a drug-addict – I would never have the sanity to write then.

What if I were the God – I would be just like Karma. No forgiveness; reap what you sow 😛 I would have been dangerous god though 😛

What if I were class topper – Damn, I would have missed all the fun and would have lived the schooling life to impress parents and teachers, as my sister did 😛

What if I didn’t resign my first job considering my family and friends advice – I would have been a ‘Frog in the well’.

What if I never wore that green Kurtis – 😛

What if I were a vegan – Would have saved millions.

What if I weren’t born in Nazareth – I have no idea how I would’ve dealt with my distress. Blessed and beyond!

What if I were born lame, pretty much I’m the same now.

What if I never explored the writer in me, my feelings would have wandered around for shelter(words) forever.

A lot of what-ifs around us; Never it would be the same if even any one of our what ifs come into existence. Maybe a better life or an extreme pathetic person we would have been. Better to leave what-ifs to hang in there and live the life which is bestowed to us. 

2 thoughts on “My ‘what ifs’

  1. Though I was a topper in school,I enjoyed my school life to the fullest and I also had (still having) the privilege of being the favorite kid in our house 😬


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