Something I feel strongly

In the recent course of time, I strongly feel humanity is dead. Humans are going crazy; maybe humans are always crazy and now we have a better exposure in this wicked world. A million has already voiced out, I’m here for my two cents!

George Floyd, man that was brutal. Many of the Indians started to option out that, in India, caste is the racism. Why shout out for black people when we Indians are suffocating in the caste system. I bet in India it never happened. No man in the authority has the vein to shut down a common man in public. One should really see how racism has been raging there. I see many factors, well-educated officers, in the street, day time, the public was watching and filming, not just a few minutes! I really wondered how the officers were brave enough to do that on the road around the public. Policemen must have been aware of the consequences. They should have known the video will go viral. But still, how did they fill with guts? Officers were not frustrated or anguished that they did this barbaric act out of furious anger. Their faces were still, That made me think that they are doing it for quite a long time. What if it wasn’t filmed and not spread in social media! It will be just another day for all of us except his acquaintance. 

You the unknown monster, was that fun for you to fill pineapple with crackers? We used to feel damn sorry when we mistakenly stepped on a dogs tail, didn’t your heartache a little when you gave it to that elephant? Did the elephant demand your food? It was not an angry elephant, if it was you wouldn’t have the time to stuff crackers. Would you feed your kid the same? How would you do that to her? Is she your business enemy or the relative who taunts you or someone who betrayed you? Or again racism here? Were you high? Or a psychic to wrap crackers and feed it to the innocent elephant.

Damn, I wouldn’t have wounded this much if the elephant turned her anger towards that human who fed her Or George/ public defended the policemen. Both of them are innocent creatures! If not the world, Karma will do justice.

Let’s take kindness a serious business! It’s a simple act and it costs nothing. Even if you’re an atheist, fear karma. Humanity is not washing each other’s feet, it’s that one has the power to destroy the other yet preferring not to! Let’s be watchful and careful in our words, the next generation is keenly observing us. Let humanity prevail and make the world a better place to live for every being that breathes!

Until you fill your heart with kindness

And address it in your home

The world remains the same!

Linda Balan

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