I’m excited about…

Captivated on a drowsy Saturday, finding no reason to step off the bed so honestly, it’s tough to gather words to write on something I’m excited about. Lol

At this moment, I’m quite excited about this 30 days challenge on this platform. It was all started after reading my bestie’s blog and hearing how writing helped to maintain her sanity. I’ve been writing quotes for the past 3 years, weirdly I find words to write in the middle of the day like noon two-ish amidst the office chaos. But writing a blog is way too different from quotes. First of all, it’s not an ‘on the go’ stuff, some serious thoughts and right grammar do justice. I just started to unveil myself here and I’m all excited to see the consequence in me at the end of this!

Another exciting part which I’m looking forward to is the afterlife of COVID, like who’s not excited about it 😛 Personally I’m looking forward to meeting my besties! Madras, you beauty! I can’t wait for days to sit in a cafe with my besties and have totally pointless talks endlessly until the cafe manager starts to give that strange look. Mahindra World City! you the new Chennai(like they say), uncle’s ginger chai, and that long walk in the street light which literally brightens up the pajama Saturdays. That little apartment of ours, with less sunlight to get in, was a perfect set up for ‘cuddle your pillow’ days. The enthralling office atmosphere gives a pure vibe. I actually have left most of my belongings and a part of my heart there. It’s tough to take a stand between my hometown and worktown!

I captured this pic on a quiet morning after finishing my breakfast and walking towards my cubicle! ♥️ The cover image of this post was also taken in the office! 

In the long term, I’m beyond excited to open my themed restaurant in my mid-30s. Let’s say I’m not going to break the details of the restaurant, I’ve plans to give colors and give life to the walls of the restaurant through my quotes and painting 😛

It’s your turn; let me know what you are excited about today in the comment! 

PS: I’ve started to write this on Saturday and finished off on Sunday eve.

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