Something I miss

They say, “Distance lends enchantment to the view”. True! We tend to miss after the moment has gone and at the moment, we mostly less valued it or even didn’t give a damn at all. Here are my few moments which were long gone and I yearn for!

I miss those days when I come home from school with a bundle of stories to tell my family.

I miss those school days when b-days were totally overrated and celebrating the day like anything. This birthday, I took off and stayed far away from people.

I miss the days when the broken crayons and spilled acrylic colors were the reason for tears. Nowadays, thanking god that tears have no color.

I miss those days when we used to draw lines on the desk to mark our territories. Now witnessing the elders fighting for worldly territories.

I miss fighting with my friends verbally. Nowadays its cold-war or ego creeps in.

I miss playing with kid’s cutlery with my neighbor Jenni. She used to prepare a mini-dish without fire, damn that taste still lingers.

I miss that little pat and ‘good girl’. No matter what the circumstance is or who said that those words were all enough to fly without wings. Any appreciation emails wouldn’t match that.

I miss the days when my granny was not deaf. I have got a lot of stories to tell now.

I miss those uniform days! Judging by dress and gadgets were not there.

I miss those days when my besties used to hand feed me lunch while I was busy completing the assignments. Now I skip the meal on a hectic day.

I miss the days when my phone was flooded with cute messages. Now it rarely chimes.

I miss those days when parents were my google. Those answers had a soul.

I miss those summer vacations when I was excited to meet my cousins. Now I skip family gatherings to avoid them.

I miss those days when my mom took care of everything including my hair and shopping. Still, I prefer her choice for traditional outfits.

I miss those festival hyped days, dressing up, and getting blessings from elders. Now it’s all social media-driven.

I miss those “Who’ll shower first? and who eats first?” fight with my sibling.

I miss those pets which I had.

Missing those senior-junior enmities, now it’s developer vs testers 😛

Missing those days remembering our bestie’s landline number.

Changing DP and status for besties! 24 hours of lifespan stories did not exist, but our fights never exceeded 24 hours.

Due assignments and scolded by teachers were better than bearing a brainless client’s wrathful call.

I miss those days when TV was the only entertainment gadget where the whole family sticks together. Nowadays we spend time in our private room. I’m little ashamed to tell this, a couple of days back my family named me ‘Nilambari’ for spending most of the days inside the room.

Damn! I need to take off this nostalgia cap now and return to the reality of this empty and gloomy room.

Until next time…

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