Zodiac sign

Being born in a traditional Christian family, my parents don’t follow any superstitious beliefs. So actually I don’t even know my zodiac sign.

I supposed to write about my Zodiac sign and how much it fits with my personality. I believe that personality keeps evolving; according to your age, life experiences, most importantly people around you and also the way you were brought up. I’m not opposing here; just my personal insight.

Out of curiosity, I searched through google and got to know that I’m Aquarius. Yeah, that’s what google says! I started to run through a few articles to get to know what my zodiac sign says about my personality. I felt ‘OMG, that’s so me!’, after a while I observed that those are generic content. Gross :/ And you know what even grosser, I googled zodiac sign for my friend and it showed Aquarius, but actually his sign is a different one. Umm…!

Do you believe a person born and die with same the traits? No right; If so, it is a terrible life he had. You should actually worry if it does fit your personality. With enormous time and right pressure even coal changes to diamond, likewise with due respect of time all beings and doings of the world change. As long as the change is inevitable, along with change your personality does see tides.

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