30 facts about me

Okie, here we go! Few Facts About Myself! Buckle Up!

  • My full name is Linda Selvarani Jesubalan. Well, it’s a long, English-Tamil mixed name.
  • I’m a purple lover.
  • I hate chocolate bars.
  • I’m a breakfast foodie. I can eat breakfast happily as a meal all day. Especially Dosa and Chapathi.
  • I’ve never been to a theater before.
  • When I was 9 years old, I feel down that my head was hit on the floor hard. Then I went blind, after 3 days I was back to normal.
  • I was a fretful nail-biter, until, a couple of years back I started growing nails for aesthetic purpose.
  • I prefer less sugar and more spicy. I hate the sour taste.
  • A monkey bit me when I tried to snatch snacks from it’s hand. (I was 8 years old then)
  • I’m so obsessed with shopping.
  • I’m always late.
  • In the search of good biriyani, I totally lost interest in Biriyani. Once I was called ‘the biriyani girl’.
  • I’ve never tasted alcohol.
  • Shamelessly, I steal my sister/bestie’s outfits.
  • I bake the best mug cake and brownies within 10 mins for mid-night cravings.
  • I forget things/stuff a lot. I won’t be surprised if I am diagnosed with Amnesia. All I look forward is a perfect Ganapathy uncle to sail with;)
  • I don’t even have an ounce of fear for snake, cockroach, or lizard. I fear only heights.
  • I can live without food for days, as long as I’ve chill water.
  • I prefer to brew my own coffee.
  • I won’t grow arguments with anyone, except my mom and sister. Health or destructive argument, I never do that. I just nod my head and mind my business.
  • I can dump any quantity of food by sipping a coke. I’m in the middle of quieting this habit, it’s been 5 months since I had my last coke.
  • I dress according to my mood. I overdress with red lipstick or homeless, there is no between.
  • I hate many of my friends and cousins, that they don’t even know.
  • I can comfortably go to cafes and restaurants alone.
  • I know only 2 mobile numbers; mine and my mom’s
  • I was a bookaholic once.
  • Most of my quotes are out of the characters I admire/read. It’s not always about me.
  • I prefer text over call.
  • I cook mostly all Indian foods. Not great in that skill, yet edible.

I’m leaving the 30th one for you. If you know me comment the 30th fact or shoot a question! 

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