Celebrity crush

As a teenager, I had a huge crush on Siddharth. Mainly, he is a heartthrob in ‘Yaaro ivan’ song. Adding, 180 and Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu epdi are my favourite movies of him. Apart from movies he’s an activist, especially his involvement in Chennai floods and Jalikattu protest were remarkable. Whatsoever, he was my college crush and ever admire him for his sharp charming look. And yeah he sings too! Awww Siddharth!!

And here’s my recent crush, Justin Harley ♥️ I was never a great fan of any Hollywood heroes, but this man is a pure thunder. I felt that OMG moment when I saw him the very first time in the ‘This is us’ series. Totally flattered at that moments! Not only in series, he carries the same grace in real life too. I’ve watched his Ellen shows, surreal! His lavish effortless look along with his sarcastic talks, totally he’s a bundle of ideal dream boy for every girl. Looking forward to see him in many more movies! Whatever role he takes he’ll always the ‘Kevin Pearson’ for me. You won’t believe he’s 43 already!

How old we could be, but celebrity crush will remain there. We love them with zero expectation and celebrate them like real heroes. It’s heart wrenching to hear about the suicide of Sushant today. Not a fan of him yet, it’s heavy to know depression has took away someone’s life. Whatever it takes, learn to master your inner being; it takes a lot of courage and costs a lot to understand yourself. But you’ve to do it, be the beautiful version of you. Don’t expect anyone to check on you. Don’t put the blame on people. People are so busy fixing their life. You have to take charge of your life, analyse it, take a deep breath, clean every negative aura around you. You don’t have to carry all your burden and go easy on you. If not today, tomorrow is there. If not this year, next year. You’re not a machine to do stuff in a timely fashion. We’re here to live and experience our one beautiful life. Not to fix a target and run towards it pathetically. It’s okay to have aim in life, but it shouldn’t be the only focus of life. Never try to figure out EVERYTHING around you. Name it as magic/ disaster! And look ahead. Prepare yourself on your good days to face your tragic day. Write down everything that gives you a good feel, butterflies and every compliment you get. When you feel down, read it, and embrace the goodness in you and multiply that vibe. It’s okay to be selfish to take care of you and your mental health more than anything. When your heart says it needs a break, take that long due trip. Spend that savings you have, whatever it takes FIX YOU! Be your own master!! Take that stand for you!!!

I didn’t mean to pen it here, I just let my words to flow. Will write back tomorrow with a fresh mind! Until then…

3 thoughts on “Celebrity crush

  1. Yes.. as you said we can’t expect others to help us to get through the trouble we are facing. Always we should remember that, I am the best caretaker and friend for myself! Self love is everything!

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    1. Yeah Varsha, social media is driving people to seek help from peer people.. But in the fast moving world, everyone’s sack is already filled, so it’s wise to choose us as our trouble sorter and caretaker!!

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  2. Very true! If we feel that we are going through a lot, it is applicable to the fellow people as well! Let us be our best friends❤️

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