Lessons that I want my child to learn from me

I’m an independent woman; after 8th grade, my parents have never stuffed something on me. They suggest, and the decision is purely mine. So I want my child to grow up as independent as me. I don’t want my kid to learn something from me. Though let me share something which I want my kids to inherit from me.

Love extravagantly:

Love has a lot of layers in it; you can’t give love until you fill your soul with it. From my experience, I’ve learned to be kind to myself in the hardest way. Yeah, I never considered my comfort or shown compassion towards me as I did for my fellow people. That had taken me to the worst valley and drown me down. In that deepest solitude, I got my sense to love myself and put me in the first-line. Eventually, that helped me to understand and respect peer people.

Knowing the fine line between attitude and respect:

Yeah, there is a thin line gap between respect and attitude. One has to know the appropriate ratio of respect and attitude towards a person/ situation. The so-called ‘zero attitude’ person will always end up with no respect in society. I believe, showing the right attitude brings you to a better position. My manager once told me, “Linda, Just because you can, you don’t have to help/pick a task at work. If I give you 5 tasks, Pick 3 and say no to 2. That way you increase your demand and worth. Don’t be always available to lift work”. This genuine piece of advice has elevated my career! So showing such sort of health attitude is going to take you to places and along with that, it buys you respect. So know respect, know the attitude, and combine both! 

Calm and subtle:

“Empty vessel makes much noise”! Whatever happens, maintain that stillness in your face. You don’t have to take your success or failure to your mind; they’re part and parcel of life. Celebrate/ mourn it with your circle. The low-key of the life I’ve learned is to keep the next move secret and never brag on the past. Because practically no one knows what the future brings in! So always be subtle outside and build a mountain of faith inside you. Never grow arguments or fight back; Smile and leave. Never spill words when you’re angry; Shut that damn room and your mouth. Because you split all the unintentional words and that will lead to an unprepared situation. So don’t utter a word in anger. Also step into other’s shoes before judging them.

Above all, the must-have trait will be fear and trust the almighty. Fear enough that you can’t control everything but trust enough that everything is in control!

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