A letter to someone

This letter is for my younger self!

Dear young heart,

I know you’re all excited about your teenage, I can sense that from the way you flip your dupatta. I’m glad for you. You’re way unique; You’re doing things differently. Your countless number of friends say that you’re an extrovert. You’re admiring and building people around you, which is good actually. Oh, Your interest in cricket grows by seeing Mahi bhai, I bet you won’t regret it. How eagerly you are dwelling into the weekly ‘Young World’ magazine. The way to find interest in solving the Sudoku puzzle and trying to convince your friends that Math is the easiest subject. I’m glad you’re not a class leader but teachers pick you to organize events. Being the youngest in the dad’s family and pampered by cousins all the time is good, Still, they celebrate you!

All the above are so positive and that justifies you’re having an amazing teenager. Let me tell you something, You don’t have to struggle to write in Tamil without spelling mistake; You hardly write in Tamil after schooling. People are calling you thin, soon they’ll call you fat. If the cinema interests you, watch it. Don’t dump those voiceless classmates. Rather than being nice, be kind to everyone.

There are some things I wish you would have done differently, though. I want you to shake off your insecurities and walk wit confidence. Almost whatever you’re stressing today is nothing and all will be taken care of. Relax! Don’t worry so much; Let me speak life, we tend to worry about one or other thing. Your today’s problem might look huge, but yesterday also you worried but for something else. And tomorrow you’ll get another issue to bother. Honey, every human’s life has been designed accordingly. So don’t be so hard on you. Be Excited, Explore, Experience, and Enjoy the present life. Don’t stress about the future.

Trust few! Yah, you blindly trust everyone; it seems easy and no harm now. But it isn’t in the upcoming days. Trust your family more. You always take them for granted but let me tell you something they’re the people who are gonna pick you again and again. Let them be your priority.

Respect elders?! No, respect everyone. Every living being deserves respect; you demand respect and struggle over it, right. Try to give respect and sure, you’ll earn it. Judge less, respect more!

Here are the lessons I’ve learned,

  • Every person you meet has something to teach you, learn it.
  • Don’t try to be a finisher of an argument.
  • Learn to say NO.
  • Fight your own battle; before fighting for someone else.
  • Regardless of the outcome, have an experience that you are proud of.
  • Until the lion speaks, every story praises the hunter. Perspective matters!
  • Don’t try to figure out everything. Just go in the flow, it will lead you!

You don’t know it yet, but, after you graduate and move out of the family to a different city for a job, you’re going to struggle to find a place in this world. It’s not going to be easy, But that’s the space you’ll know life. You’ll become an extreme introvert. But don’t worry; your old pals will be there, you’ve got some really great friends. Endless days will threaten you, your soul will find ways to escape reality. But all through these, you’ll have a career you love and above all, you’ll explore the undefined part of you, Writing! – just not professionally. Who knows, maybe you’ll get there!

Though you probably should have done some things differently, like branched out more, you’re right where you need to be now. Don’t give up, even when you feel like you should. Keep building your faith! Life gets a whole lot better!

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