Lesson I learned

We get to know life and experience different perspectives of life in each phase. Few lessons we learn through advice or models, some we learn through experience. Nevertheless, We are never going to graduate and master life! It’s all about learning perpetually.

Being alone vs loneliness:

Loneliness is a state of mind; whereas alone is a state of being.

Once my friend told, ‘Unless you fill your void, no person or any money in the world can fix that dent’. She continued to explain, ‘When you try to engage with your people or watch entertainments to divert your musing from reality, you’re escaping yourself for a while. But once the person left or movie got over, you’ll end up with yourself all alone. So quit the attempt to be occupied to distract your thoughts. Be a warrior and master your thoughts! When you know to enjoy yourself, your heart smiles as your lips spread. You’ll be all independent then.’

That was brainchild! That aided to divulge the inner me. First of all, I stopped seeking people to top up my leisure time. Rather than pouring out my mourning to my friends, I developed a habit of writing down all my grief as a personal note. As a result, I felt a lot good for being a good friend; If I call/ text someone, merely I wanted that person, not for lining my boredom. I became a self suffice person who can succor myself, thereby, being independent not only financially but also mentally!

Before knowing this life-hack, I was barely flushing out money and spending weekends with few monsters. That took a lot out of me; it costs my self-respect and peace of mind! Finally, that one sweet leisure of my dude helped me to sail through with ease. Forever in debt for that piece of golden shit you taught me!

At times, as a part of learning, unlearning is important too. We’ll continue to learn throughout our life, no doubt. But, we need to unlearn some experience to learn it better. Unlearn to understand better, enlarge it, master it! More than anything unlearn to live life better. So to lean towards betterment one has to learn and unlearn!

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