What google pic says?

So today’s challenge is to google a word and to write something about the 11th image on google. I’ve googled ‘Linda Balan quotes’ and the 11th image is my pic, instead, I picked the 5th pic to write about! So here we go…

I’m an ardent fan of Sidney Sheldon’s books. Being an intriguing novel, I love to read them for that adrenal rush it gives but among them, one book gave an intense feel about characters which made me glued to the pages a little extra. I traveled through the pages slowly; it wasn’t a page-turner, but captivated me and fall in love with the female character and her attitude. It is ‘The Other Side of Midnight’, yeah not a choice of many people.

As I engulfed the character in me, I wanted to write her feelings through my pen. That’s when I started to write the series ‘Rainbow’. It has been 2 years since I read the book, Still I remember her agony when her lover boy broke up and left her pathetically before her big day. I admire the character for how she bounced back to her heel! She grew up to a unimaginable status by crossing through tides.

Here I’m adding the entire series of ‘Rainbow’ I write so far. My personal favorite series it is!

I’ll ever cherish this bossy lady created by SS! And I’ll continue to write the series until the lady in me runs out of words. Book takes to your own world of imagination and leaves you out of nowhere!

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