Area of improvement

There is always room for improvement, no one here is a fallen angel from above. We all need to upswing our traits, but here I list out a few traits which I want to see a breakthrough. Let’s pitch in!

Being kind

Frankly, most of the time I just behave like a mirror; I do good for good and bad for bad. Kindness is something one has to wear every single day. I believe a kind person goes the extra mile than others, I’ve seen it. As everyone says it costs nothing to the giver, but the impact of empathy has no measures. I’m a living example; I’m who I’m because of few beautiful souls who practiced kindness when I deserved it the least. I wanted to give it back to people who needs the most. Try more to be KIND than NICE!


Yeah, Another habit I want to cultivate sometimes sooner is book reading. I was a bookaholic once; since I can’t concentrate, I stopped reading and my books are dusted in my cupboard. I’m a girl who loves to dwell in my own world of imagination with the characters of the book and never want to return to reality. More than binge-watching, I love binge reading. I remember I used to share my flat with 2 other girls. So I used to read books all night in the balcony. Oh, I really miss that Linda. Those were days I used to purchase more books than apparel. So I want to improve my concentration to start reading books.

Money management

I need serious attention on this track. Spending is okay, but spilling isn’t! My dreams, so-called plans, are huge; so I need to stop spilling and to start saving more for my future me. I read a caption in Instagram of an entrepreneur, he said, ‘Money is a bitch; she has no mercy. She will sophisticate you and leave you in suffocation’. Partially true it is! I would say, ‘She isn’t a bitch, she is a bossy woman who sophisticates you until you treat her right’. So I need to spend it right and save it more!

One should posses hold to starve towards betterment, if not life will be still. Still-life may be safe but it takes you nowhere. We’re not meant to be rooted and stay still, if so we would have been called Tree. We have got legs to move around and learn and improve ourselves. Once again I say, there is always room for improvement!

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