Conversely, write about something that is kicking ass right now

I had to read the topic again to understand the context. Yesterday, was about the area of improvement; so today about something doing great.

Right now, it’s all about write. It’s nudging as expected for 27 long days. The past two times I’ve picked up the challenge and dropped in the very beginning itself. Now I’ve all the time in the world and in the verge of completion. woohoo!!

Another thing that is heading up to scratch is my career. Just gave closure to a project and the feature was a great hit! Well pleased about the end-product and satisfaction of the client. Being held up in lockdown with limited resources was able to pull out this amazing output is great indeed. Kudos to my team!

Most importantly dealing with this unrehearsed COVID lockdown situation is notable too. No one was prepared for this or I never imagined a virus will halt the world. I always think about natural calamities which will be a dramatic threat to human society in this century. But this virus came out of blue, seriously, with all the advancements around, we people are checking for life on Mars and Moon. Ironically, the tiniest virus which is not even considered is taking control of the world now. Amidst the pandemic, maintaining the sanity and glancing future through a positive spectrum is appreciable. Let’s pat ourselves!

Learning Hindi is sprouting new branches. I always, like always wanted to learn Hindi. The most important reason is to understand Mahi’s commentary/ input behind the stumps. Another reason is to travel; Even in Bangalore, I suffered a little for not knowing Hindi. I won’t say it’s awkward, but People used to think I’m northie by my look. The food vendors, new teammates, or the security guards start to talk in Hindi promptly. I respond with a smile, ‘I’m Tamil and I don’t understand Hindi’. I want to play around these situations with at least a little Hindi. So it’s great to kick start learning Hindi and I’m religiously doing it every day!

Undoubtedly, its a tough testing time for us all. Being held up inside four walls and witnessing the ruthless demons disguised as humans, also how depression can cost a person’s life and realizing poor hitting the floor whereas the richest shoot out to the sky during this pandemic. So it’s all-important to spot that ray of hope in you! Find it, hop on and ride through!

Until tomorrow, see ya!

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