Laugh-out-loud moments

I love this popular saying, ‘Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.’ It did make me sail through with a grin and sure it does for you too. Well, let me share a few moments in my life which made me break out laughing.

It was during my second semester in college; I and my girls took the first row but were the troublesome more than backbenchers. Common subjects were there, so a mechanical professor taught us a subject(I don’t remember the sub name). He looked like a strict professor and so no one played with him. But somehow we girls found him funny about his pronunciation. That day I and my bestie were discussing deeply something while he was teaching. So he asked us both to stand in our benches. We both were standing on the first bench, and he continued to teach. We felt a little awkward; In the middle, he said, ‘BLACK’, LOL.. but he meant ‘BLOCK’. My bestie started to laugh hiding her face using the book, damn this laugh is contagious and I started to crack too. Just imagine in the first row, 2 were standing hiding their face and laughing, obviously, the professor noticed and took the book down. Our eyes usually well up when we laugh, seeing our eyes he went perplexed. He started to console both of us imagining that we were crying. Seeing him, I started to laugh again, you know what, he thought I was crying hard now. Damn 😀 Not only us, but the entire class won’t forget this moment.

This another incident happened in the family, I’ve got a hyperactive niece who is 7 years old now. When he was a 4-year-old some function at school it seems, so the class teacher gave an announcement.

Ellarum compulsory ah varum. (means, compulsorily everyone should come).

The teacher continued to say it again and again it seems; my poor kid who doesn’t understand the word ‘compulsory’ thought it’s ‘Kammal’, ‘Saree’ :D; Kammal means earrings. So he asked furiously to the teacher, ‘Miss, how come I can wear kammal and saree to school’. One hilarious innocent joke that was!

This hysterical joke happened when I was studying 8th class. In my government school, an excursion is about visiting a nearby museum/ palace or if the budget is high we go to a nearly heritage-rich district called Madurai. And that time we went to Madurai to visit some factories. After finishing the visit to a cement factory and Aavin milk factory, We hit a bulb factory. The teacher asked us to stand 3 in a line; We got down last from the bus and also it was an excursion for 6th to 8th class. We 3 were standing in the last line; the build factory was very small that it was just 2 houses together. In each room, they were doing each process. Slowly the line started to move; in front of us, 3 girls who were our classmates were there. I swear I don’t know how we shifted our sight from the bulb making to the girl in front of us. We started to laugh like retards, it grew up and the next moment we three were literally down the floor and laughing pathetically. We went uncontrol until that girl pissed off and started to cry. Then after coming back to the bus, I went and asked sorry to her. She said, ‘It’s okay, but tell me why you laughed like that’. Oops, :/ actually no reason at all, but she didn’t believe. She’s married and having a kid now, still, she didn’t forgive us.

I have got this bad habit of laughing at important meetings at work. I can’t help it. Let me tell one incident, When I was an interview panelist, actually that was the first time I was considered to interview an 11 year experienced whereas I was holding not even 2 years of experience. We, around 7 people were sitting around the table, including CTO, HR, business people, and techies. When I got the invite for that interview I was overwhelmed. I remember I purchased formals, ironed that to perfection, stepped in office early than usual, kept the phone in silence, and oh yes I skipped that meal so that my tummy won’t say hello before my hands. With, nothing but nervous I stepped in the meeting room and the interview started, questions were snapped around him; In the middle, he told something and all I heard was ‘Wat dafuq’ :/ You can imagine what happened next, I had to excuse myself and came back. Ufff! turning back in life noting but laugher makes the situation beautiful.

There are countless moments to write about, but I’m stopping here 😀 I thoroughly enjoyed while writing this, of all the posts this is definitely my favorite.

Let me leave you few youtube links to laugh hard and rest your day! 🙂

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