Much needed blueprint

I’ve never been this much disciplined before, thanks to my friends who nudged me to write every day, and even though it was crap they celebrated every post just to motivate me and kept the grind going. Thank you! Also thanks to my friend who isn’t obligated but read my post and shared genuine feedbacks. Well, let’s dive into the ‘last but one’ post of this series – Next 30 days plan.

As I said, I never drew lines or time frames to accomplish certain kinds of stuff before; this is new and the consequence is appreciable. So I spent the past 30 mins to drew this plan, and hoping it will work; Fingers crossed!

I categorize it in to 2; Passion and Personal lifestyle.


I don’t want to quench the fire to write that was ignited in this platform; So I will continue to write. This time I’ll be focusing more on the long-forgotten quotes platform(YourQuotes). Yeah, I planned to subscribe and write quotes religiously for the next 30 days. Also, I’ll explore the less written genre by me; like philosophy, humor. And, I will keep the hustle going in WordPress by writing at least a post every week.

Personal lifestyle

Ironically I’m healthy but I’ve been bedridden for the past 3 months; So here is something I’ve drafted to bring the liveliness and vibe back on the track.

  • I’ve discovered an online book website ( I’ve chosen a book from my favorite YA novelist Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless to read. I should finish it up.
  • My phone’s health app put me to shame about the steps which are below 300 :/ So somehow to cross a KM is another benchmark.
Past 3 months graph shows below 300 as average steps
  • Also, Going to fix the messed up sleep cycle; Accepting that it’s the ‘New Normal’ and regulating the bedtime between 12 to 9 AM.
  • Most importantly, Stop complaining. No one was prepared for this situation, I’m no exception here; So for the next 30 days, verbally or mentally not going to complain about anything.

I’m not a self-organized person, hence decided to approach in a systematic way. May the odds be ever in favor 😛

PS: Of course, numbers didn’t matter but started off with nothing and today I’ve got 50+ followers on this platform. Woohhoo!!

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