Yet she soars

In an angle,
She is sugary,
Sometimes spicy;

She fights her own battle,
Yet she struggles to open
That glass jar!

Blunt at times;
but always wears
a sharp smile!

Bossy when she’s on heels,
Snuggling cat when she cuddles!

Her attitude stands above mountains,
Arrogance is grounded.

She makes friends everywhere
But very choosy in enemies!

Witty thoughts and plans,
Paranoid at times!

Conquering the world in weekdays,
Just a grappling kid in bed at weekends!

Planning business,
Influencing clients,
Yet, she goes crazy for bubble wrapper!

She hates likes anything,
And her love has no measures!
Depends on you.

She could be that hellfire,
And also be holy water.

Maybe the treasure you seek,
Or the curse you run away from!

In every angle,
She’s such an Angel!
An angel without wings,
Yet she soars!

-Linda Balan

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