50 before 50

So here I’m after a gap; Sitting near the window, sipping my black coffee while raining, the petrichor made me write this. I’m going to pen down the 50 things to strike off before my 50th birthday. I’ll strike off and post a write up on the experience of each thing when I do in my life. Woo-hoo!! I’m super excited about this.

I’ve been living 26 years 4 months 24 days so far. That’s 1377 weeks or 9641 days. Ufff… those numbers look huge.

And I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday in 24 years. To be precise, 23 years 7 months 6 days. So more or less in 1232 weeks. 😉 Will, I make it?!

Anyway here is the list,

  1. Travel to Paris.
  2. Own my restaurant.
  3. Body spa in Thailand.
  4. Benchmark in career; maybe a sound recognition.
  5. Publish my own book.
  6. Onsite; It’s fun when someone pays for your flight.
  7. Kolkata and its street food.
  8. To meet Mahi Bhai.
  9. To read the Bible cover to cover.
  10. Bob haircut.
  11. Baking a cake from the scratch.
  12. Owning a walk-in wardrobe.
  13. A girl baby and a fur baby.
  14. Know to ride a geared bike.
  15. To prepare the best otta vada.
  16. Belly free physique.
  17. Gift something super expensive to Mom and Valin; They deserve it.
  18. A complete month vacation to travel.
  19. To learn a new language with speaking proficiency.
  20. Goa gang trip.
  21. Owning a complete Apple gadget set.
  22. Being an ideal BFF to someone.
  23. Delhi and its street shopping.
  24. Bikini and Beach.
  25. Into a toastmaster club.
  26. Get drunk.
  27. Develop an end-to-end android application.
  28. A Gucci set.
  29. Yuvan live.
  30. Grandparent’s first flight.
  31. A TED speaker.
  32. Support a girl child’s education.
  33. To excel in the art of preparing biriyani for a minimum of 5 people. And a signature dish.
  34. Go to an airport and pick a random flight.
  35. Visit 7 wonders of the world.
  36. A year journal.
  37. Own a garden.
  38. Finish that damn guitar lessons.
  39. Finish swimming class; Learn to float.
  40. Get an adrenaline rush. skydiving or even giant wheel; A daring height challenge.
  41. Hand-written letters to the people who mean the world to me.
  42. Learn to dance.
  43. A test match in Lord’s and Eden gardens.
  44. Attend a festival in different cultures; A complete Northie wedding.
  45. Disland with my family.
  46. Cross off 100 books.
  47. Master the art of saving money and wish investments.
  48. Stay in a cruize overnight.
  49. See a therapist.
  50. Strike off all the above.

I read one mediocre book of Preeti Shenoy, ‘The Secret Wish List’. The writer made a lucid declaration of when you write down your wish one or another way the universe will make that happen. Hoping that I wish to strike off everything on the list above.

Signing off now! Until next time…

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