The tunnel

While you walk through the tunnel,
It’s not the darkness around,
But the darkness in you scares you;

Not to stumble upon the way,
Light that little lamp you’ve
Keep moving forward with hope;

It’s a lonely one way my dear;
No turning back or a companion
No fast forwarding or a voice to guide!

It’s you and your will power.
Endure through it;
You’ve got that strength already in you!

Take step by step with no hurry,
It won’t be any sooner but
It’s not too far to reach

Steady fast your sight and hold your heart
Fix your eye on the way,
Come on darling, There it is!!

The light in the end of the tunnel.
It’s so bright to consume all the darkness!
Now Put on your shades and
Walk like a boss baby!

- Linda Balan

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