I wish…

Wish I could borrow your shoulders
To lean on and talk about my day

Wish I could hold your hands
As if they were mine

Wish I could fall asleep to your heartbeat
As they were my favourite lullabies

Wish I could take you to my places
And tell stories on the way

Wish I could laugh with you
Over silly jokes we made

Wish I could spend time together
You, me and moon until the sun intervene

Wish I could run my fingers through your hair
While you were being a little brat

Wish I could hug you so tight
That our broken heart cling together

Wish I could give you more scars
I meant hickey!

I wish, i wish, i wish!
You just appear out of nowhere,
Through the air I breathe,
I’ll inhale you
And never risk of exhale
Even if it costs everything and me!

-Linda Balan

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