Dear July!

One moment, I was sinking in my agony; the next fraction of the second something that spread wide smile on my face. Maybe that’s the ultimate ideology about life.

This month there were a lot of happenings around my writing environment. I grew well and so is my follower count. I’ve crossed 1K in the middle of July, also, I’ve met new writers, and lot of interactions happened. Also, I’ve started to write a little long-form of poems; I’ve posted a few of them hereunder quotes section. One-liner was always my comfort-zone so exploring ‘long-letters’ was quite enthralling. And guess what happened today morning, the CEO of yourQuotes, Harsh Snehanshu, has followed me back on the writing platform. Call it cloud nine, ninety-nine or even hundred πŸ˜€

My reading habit is still struggling to see the light; I’ve started ‘Hopeless’ book; Hardly turned 10 pages 😐

I wasn’t productive this month but I’ve spent most of the days leisurely. I baked 4 batches of Banana cake, a lot of brownies and grilled chicken as well. Also I’ve been sticking to Netflix more than usual. At times what really matters is your sanity. To maintain the sanity, do whatever you want and it will be justified.

With no exception and plan stepping into the next month; With wide arms but cozy sitting and welcoming the month August!

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