Besties and beyond

I’ve got a lot of friends; my upper deck has been always tightly packed with my people. But here is a post for 2 of my besties who has been stuck with me through all the thick and thin for two decades! Yep, they’ve been lifting me for 20 years. It’s Praky and Jemila!

It’s all started in our schooling days; but in every stage of my life, they were there. They’ve known my deepest secrets, my pet peeves, all my friends, my work culture, my family, cousins, and literally everything.

I’m always late by nature; they never mind going late to school/ tuition/ or college, but they did never go without me. I’ve my own lame reasons every time for being late. They knew it and listen to it as if they make sense.

My incomplete assignments, rescuing me from teachers and always carries extra pen or A4 sheets and maps, just in case I need them. Importantly, imparting wisdom and saving me from ill-minded people are their main line-ups. They identify the wrong people in my circle before I knew. They’re such a guardian angel should I say!

Not just because they’re my besties or to fill words in this write up; they’re the BEST human souls in this universe. Let me tell you why. Kindness is their strongest tool; stranger or enemy doesn’t matter. They’re kind to them. How you girls are doing this?! Secondly, I’ve never seen them bitching others intentionally. Yeah, these kinda girls are existing and I’m proud to say I’ve pocketed them already!!

I’ve always counted them as my blessing more than bestie. Their prayers for me are as sincere as my mom’s! You girls brought out the best colors of me. And helped me to paint my rainbow with more vibrant hue.

Here I raise the glass to my girls, who have been picking me again and again with no expectation and heart full of gold. You girls deserve all my love and all the stars of the sky for being such a great soul.

I don’t have to make a promise of ‘forever’ on this day; I’m damn sure you girls got my back and you always will be; and I’ll continue to be messy and tangled. 😁

Love you girls and sending more hugs and kisses to Lya and Alfred ♥️

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