Dark and more dark!

That was a mediocre night,
Until the power went off.

Dismantled the lower cupboard and attic,
Still the candles weren’t handy.

Emergency lamp was always on my sight,
But I couldn’t find it in the dark blindness.

Oh my phone torch,
I fished the charger, but where’s the phone?!

Least I could light up the stove,
Rushed to the kitchen and burnt my fingers.

After fifteen minutes of bulldozing the house,
In a fraction of second the power came.

I’ve created a whole mess,
In the name of searching for light.

Most of the darkness are ephemeral;
Light isn’t mandatory.

Stay still, calm and composed;
Until the darkness passes away.

Better not to muddle your kingdom,
In the pursuit of bright and brilliance.

- Linda Balan

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