Lya turns One

Dear Lya, Happy happy birthday dear baby! You’re ONE now; and I wish you all the very best and the finest to you! May all the goodness from the almighty resides in your heart. May your heart flourish with loads of love, happiness and peace! I still remember the first time when I held you.Continue reading “Lya turns One”

Her vagina isn’t a place to quench your desires.

To quench your thirst,You raped her once;But her mind raped incessantly,Society fucked until she die,Her sisters/ daughters were rapedwithout you being touched. You unveiled her body,Along with her insecurities.As your dick grew hard,Her life has made harder;It took few minutes for you,It takes lifetime to forgive herself; Is that her cloth invited you?What do yourContinue reading “Her vagina isn’t a place to quench your desires.”

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