Lya turns One

Dear Lya,

Happy happy birthday dear baby! You’re ONE now; and I wish you all the very best and the finest to you! May all the goodness from the almighty resides in your heart. May your heart flourish with loads of love, happiness and peace!

I still remember the first time when I held you. You were so small with tiny fingers and little hair. I should say about the curled lips of yours; you were like a smiling baby. Your lips curled in such a way that you looked smiling even when you were sleeping; I swear that’s the one best thing I witnessed in this world!

Trust me, you’re a magic and you’re an angel fallen from above! Never let the world to define you; again I say, you’re magic honey! And the universe listens to you.

As you grow up, make sure you enjoy the most out of present; worry a little about past and future. Build your castle up with your favourite people but never let anyone to overpower your kingdom! You’re the damn ruler honey; you’re the King!

You’ve got the amazing family; where there’s plenty of love for you. Wise is your mom; she’ll be your guardian angel and she’ll never let you to fight your battles alone! She’ll even conquer the world to maintain your smile on the lips.

With all this rough situation we’ve been facing in this year, i couldn’t wrap you in warm hugs and kisses; or afford to see you. So sending you these finest words, which is the treasure I possess!

I know you won’t understand my words now or any sooner; but as writing, I’m confessing and uttering prayer to our lord for you!

And you’re ONE; mess up the room, grow up healthy, laugh louder, laugh more and laugh even more! Love, light and more love to you my darling and the dearest Lya!

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