10 things that makes me happy

What Linda Says

Hello peeps! Look what ‘Monday blues’ got me today! Not that usual depression, rather a purposeful morning. Yep, I have an instinct to write continuously for the next 30 days. So yeah, I’m going to bug you all with my scribbling and absurd thoughts.

Today I’ve to pen down about the things that make me happy. Usually, small things take most of my heart. So the bulletins below might not be a huge deal for many, but for me, it lights up my everything!

  1. I love productive days; I used to measure a productive day in terms of my mobile battery, yah, more battery percentage denotes I’ve spent the day productively – Maybe toiled away or spent time with people I adore. These kinda days are very handful, but I totally love them!
  2. A favorite meal that I ordered online with a hungry stomach. There lies soul-filling happiness when I…

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