It took a lot out of me;Every ounce of me was falling apart,I was sick of acting I was okay. Reasoning the existence was hard,Isolation and overthinking were my weekend things. Checking phone frequently,Expecting a blocked contact to show up! Trying to be breezy all day,And expecting nights to never end. It’s been years now,StillContinue reading “Melancholy”

Unforgettable thing someone said about me

That was one hectic morning during college final year. It was the last due date to get the record notes signed by professors. To say procrastination was not the only reason that my records weren’t signed until the last date, but, I had an awesome bunch of girls. We were cool, random, silly, daring, wiredContinue reading “Unforgettable thing someone said about me”

10 things that makes me happy

Hello peeps! Look what ‘Monday blues’ got me today! Not that usual depression, rather a purposeful morning. Yep, I have an instinct to write continuously for the next 30 days. So yeah, I’m going to bug you all with my scribbling and absurd thoughts. Today I’ve to pen down about the things that make meContinue reading “10 things that makes me happy”

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