5 ways to win my heart

Before 2 years I’ve taken the same 30 days challenge and also I penned my thoughts on the same topic. It’s truly shocking to see how my perspective and thoughts are changing over the years. After all, we all are humans and little I did believe Darwin’s theory of evolution here. Off the top ofContinue reading “5 ways to win my heart”

A sunrise

When I was with you,I was breathing miseryAnd kissing agony EverydayEvery secondI was losing myself I was blamed and criticizedAnd made to believe I’m a mess I loved,And loved, and lovedBut I was never enough for you Still, I loved each bit of you But knowingly or unknowinglyI started to hate me Shattering into pieces,AndContinue reading “A sunrise”


It took a lot out of me;Every ounce of me was falling apart,I was sick of acting I was okay. Reasoning the existence was hard,Isolation and overthinking were my weekend things. Checking phone frequently,Expecting a blocked contact to show up! Trying to be breezy all day,And expecting nights to never end. It’s been years now,StillContinue reading “Melancholy”

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