5 places I want to visit

Eiffel tower, Paris

Oh my sweetness, you’ve been my dream since my teenage. I don’t know how I fell for you, but I have loads of pins on Pinterest. Eiffel tower, your majesty. How beautiful and tall stature you’re. I would fall for you 1000 times and more. Wait for me! Very soon we’re going to meet!


Ufff, like every Indian adult, I also want to hit Goa. Those beaches, hardcore parties.. who would say NO for that. It was a plan which we’ve been trying to execute for ages. Last August I guess, we planned out an entire trip to Goa and Dandeli; like every other time flopped down. Someone, please break the myth here, Goa is meant to be a place only in dreams? Why does the Goa plan go fatal like always?


Amidst the mighty mountains with a breathtaking view, Manali is another place in my todo list. A place of nature’s paradise. I want to stay there at least 2 weeks, not over a hectic schedule, just to relax and engulf the beauty to recollect with a smile in my rocking chair when I can’t travel anymore. 

Maybe these are places I could name(yeah not 5) but I wanna be a traveler and explore every end of the earth. And also want to travel to unveil different cultures around. Yeah, I’m one another girl who lives with wanderlust but I’m sure I won’t die with the same. 

I want to see the high mountains where my problems look small

I want to sit on the seashore and see how waves take my misery to the deep ocean.

I want to spend time in a dense forest where crickets are louder than my inner noise.

I want to stand on the cliff and shout “You’re enough” to listen to the echo back.

I want to breathe fresh air, where I no way remember the suffocation I had.

I want to explore a new place where no one knows my name and gives zero fuck about me.

And I want to be hypnotized by nature that I forget to capture on the phone.

— Linda Balan

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