A blind date

It was a blind date.
I randomly picked him.

He wasn’t good looking,
But smart enough though.

His scent was to die for!
Warm and fragile was his touch!

He faced a lot of rejections.
He was dented, torn and unsung.

That date night was a beautiful poem,
Will resonate in my life forever!

It’s more of he talking,
I was listening to his stories.

The dinner date was extended,
We spent the entire night together!

No turning back or distraction,
He capitivated and trapped me in him.

He hypnotised me by his words,
And engulfed my melancholy.

I wish, this not to end
But it was just a blind date

The time has came and
The sun was up, I’ve to let him go

With heavy heart and infinite memories,
Nothing but his thoughts to linger on,

I closed that old book and
Had a composed sleep like never before!

- Linda Balan

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