Her vagina isn’t a place to quench your desires.

To quench your thirst,
You raped her once;
But her mind raped incessantly,
Society fucked until she die,
Her sisters/ daughters were raped
without you being touched.

You unveiled her body,
Along with her insecurities.
As your dick grew hard,
Her life has made harder;
It took few minutes for you,
It takes lifetime to forgive herself;

Is that her cloth invited you?
What do your family woman cover their body with?
Are they dress like mummies?
So it’s not her cloth.

Oh maybe alcohol took you high?
You had sense not to piss inside your car
You had all sense to identify men or women
But you raped her without your sense, really?

The society should stop listening to excuses;
Rape is a crime, but when it justified
It inflicts a tyranny against women society.

Every rape matters; it’s not always physical.
Verbal, when comment an abusive word
It proves you nothing but a pervert.
Sexting without her concern is the same

It all starts with dirty eyes;
That takes a gaint leap to thoughts,
Lustful thoughts grow as words
And yucky words take its action.

If a covid positive teenager could be raped,
If a five sense cat could be gang raped,
If an immature new born could be raped,
If a menopause crossed lady could be raped,

If a father could rape,
If a brother could rape,
If a husband could rape,
If a grandfather could rape,

I would say,
It not the age, dress, neither gender
It’s about the male chauvinism and
Audacity to acquire as their desire.

Stop sexualising every women you see,
It has to be sensual between two;
For others, they’re breast to feed kid
And vagina just to discharge blood and pee.

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