10 things that makes me happy

Hello peeps! Look what ‘Monday blues’ got me today! Not that usual depression, rather a purposeful morning. Yep, I have an instinct to write continuously for the next 30 days. So yeah, I’m going to bug you all with my scribbling and absurd thoughts.

Today I’ve to pen down about the things that make me happy. Usually, small things take most of my heart. So the bulletins below might not be a huge deal for many, but for me, it lights up my everything!

  1. I love productive days; I used to measure a productive day in terms of my mobile battery, yah, more battery percentage denotes I’ve spent the day productively – Maybe toiled away or spent time with people I adore. These kinda days are very handful, but I totally love them!
  2. A favorite meal that I ordered online with a hungry stomach. There lies soul-filling happiness when I get that food to my bed and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S along. Strictly no human intervention.
  3. Oh, those apparel shopping!
  4. I usually don’t practice kindness more. But when I do, I feel so satisfied with the day. I’m still working on that.
  5. Who in this hell says no to compliments. I’m brutally open here; I blush and enjoy each compliment I get!
  6. Being a programmer, I get to see my hands a lot all day. So manicured nails with flawlessly coated nail color will never fail to fill me with happiness.
  7. When my code runs without error. That sure is an OMG moment for me. It’s a little extra Ohhh… Myyyyy… Godddd.. (read in Janice voice :P) moment when the code is for someone else.
  8. A good hair day, I know every girl can relate this. Also perfect pictures! Here shamelessly, I’m a narcissist.
  9. Teaching; it is my second profession and the very first passion I had in my childhood. Few in this universe are fortunate enough to have their passion as a profession. Here I’m fortunate with all the odds in the world! I have loved to code since my 2nd year of college. But ever since I remember, I love to teach. By the grace of almighty programming is my profession and teaching programming languages is another profession. Yes, I’m a professional online trainer 🙂
  10. Weekends which I spend alone; Sleep, eat, binge watch without any routine or scheduled timings are pure savage. Just introvert’s things 😉

I don’t have a good memory, the above are random thoughts I could recollect. Actually I feel content after writing. Okay, I promise this is the last one 😛 I love to pen down my thoughts but I love even more to read them and read them again! So now I’m investing my happiness in this platform through my words. I know my future self will read this and smile a little more! A selfish act this whole personal blogging idea is!

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