5 blessing in my life

God is good all the time: I always strongly believe that I’m god’s one of the favorites. Things around me go stormy, though I feel the stillness inside me! I’ve seen how God has removed unhealthy people from my life seamlessly. Better my quotes speak loud,

For being ‘Linda Balan’! I am very thankful to God for being born in such a loving family. I wouldn’t be who I am now if it’s not for them. I know my family isn’t the most perfect, but they’ve done a great job teaching me to become a good person. We may not have all the richness or fame in this world, but we sure do have richness in happiness. We are happy people despite hardships in life. I’m just proud of my family.

Education Another great blessing of my life is my education. I do brag about it; because I completed my education without damaging my parents’ purse. They almost spent nothing; I studied in a government school followed by a government college. And now through my firm, I’m learning from a UK university! People are spending Lakhs around me, but I studied for almost free.

For myself: I admire the person I’ve become. Even years back I was so dependent on the people around me. I’ve been through a lot and I’m thankful for the hard times I had; through that, I unfolded many layers of me. More than anything I love the optimist in me and also how soon I adapt to situations. A few years back, I was a girl who envied the people around me. Today I love the women I’ve become and I forever wanted to live just like the present me. I pray to the almighty that I never have to lose my glitters in the world.

Another great blessing I count is my profession. I remember in my college final year one senior came and shared his work experience. I certainly remember I was thinking that I would never go to a job and I will be like other girls in my family who will be married after college. Forcefully I was asked to pick my first job by my Chithappa (uncle) and that forced choice of my life turned my personal life around! There’s always a great pleasure when you’re good at something and earn through it; the thing is it’s effortless and our soul enjoys it too!

Of all the many countable blessings I’ve listed five. The shelter, three meals, good people around me, good health, mental sanity, and a lot of other things which counts too!

I have a good habit of penning the blessings and the good deeds at the end of every month. End of the year, I used to consolidate everything and I used to thank god. I bet you can’t remember each and every goodness you receive until you write it. This makes me so content and faces the upcoming days with confidence. Give it a try once, and thank me later 🙂 

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