Favorite movies

I’m a bean-bag movie watcher and started to watch movies religiously after I explored video-on-demand platforms(Just googled and learned the collective term for Netflix, prime, etc..)

I hardly watched a few among the plethora of movies, especially a lot of Tamil movies because of subtitle issues.

Heads-up: Below movie list has a variety of genres. With this minimum list of movies I’ve watched, I cant able to comprehend my favorite genre. Maybe soon I’ll figure it out.

Raja Rani (2013)

I lost track of how many times I’ve watched this movie. I still remember the first time I watched with my school friends Prakala, Shamini in my house during a college group study 😛 Shamini have cried an ocean of tears 😀 Though the director has been criticized for coping story-line, the way all the 3 romance were portrayed and holding the grip of pure love by all the told love was such a success to this movie. My besties ping me every time when they see movie ads.

Asuran (2019)

It was an expected movie for me. I honestly watched this movie for its fanatical BGM. I totally enjoyed the movie and guess what, a 20 years of thalapathy fan became a Dhanush fan after seeing his unquenchable acting in Asuran! A gem it is!

The sky is pink (2019)

This movie holds a perfect grip on my heart. From the very beginning of the movie, it was told that the girl will die. But somehow I was expecting the girl not to die and watched with welled eyes. What if, the dismissal of the girl wasn’t announced in the beginning. It would have been devastated. A family of four; with every emotion and bondage were depicted genuinely and that won our hearts.

O Kadhal Kanmani (2015)

This movie is art. Ar Rahman + Manirathnam, just wow! It gives an amazing feel with the acting of this vibrant actors. Also, the movie isn’t complete without Bhavini aunty and Ganaphathi uncle’s aged untainted love.

Pokkiri 2007

This movie is a perfect feast for thalapathy lovers. Swag and attitude of Vijay have lifted this movie to a different level. The songs and jokes are addition plus to the movie!

Arjun Reddy 2017

Totally enjoyed the movie; Vijay Devarakonda acting was class and effortless. No actors justified the furious tempered of a college-goer character as he did. Hindi and Tamil remake of this movie is just crap and didn’t withstand the original movie.

Aashiqui 2 – 2013

This leaves you with mixed emotions. I was speechless after watching, should I call it the epitome of purest love or madness of love? Didn’t know yet.

Alaipayuthey 2000 

Sure it’ll be in the list of every 90’s kids. I was forced to watch this movie by my college friends! A practical and irreplaceable romantic movie for decades.

Vikram Vedha 2017

An unusual storyline with lots of plot, an intriguing thriller. Madhavan and VJS both are my favorites and it was an electrified feel to watch both of them in a single frame. The BGM created a goosebumps feeling!

Pariyerum Perumal 2018

I watched this movie because it was filmed at my college. I didn’t expect anything, but the movie was a great eyeopener to see the caste issue which still prevails in the Tamil community. This movie was filmed with an eye of details, every frame speaks itself. Such an underdog movie it is!

The movies mentioned are in no particular order, I love the movies for different reasons. I should mention, Taapsee Pannu is my favorite actress – Thappad, Badla, Pink and Game over are my personal favorite movies of her!

Come on! suggest me some movies which are in your ‘must-watch’ list!

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