My typical Monday

Not so great day to bulletin, but going as per the challenge. Are you ready to hear my one another boring day?! No? Well, you better get ready. Because that’s what you’re in for.

Fighting ‘Monday blues’ has never got easy on me and so is today!

  • This Monday started disappointing me since I opened my eyes. Yep, I saw the clock and it was 11:18 exactly. I got up with tension because I have to attend the DM meeting which was scheduled at 11:00 AM. Fortunately, the meeting was postponed to 11:45.
  • Meantime I finished my morning rituals; Bible reading and praying.
  • The meeting had started in Webex and here I started my breakfast. Technically I had Poori and channa in the mid-noon.
  • Without any gap, 12:30 Joined the next call; everyday morning scrum call. That ate up another 30 mins.
  • Gone through 50+ emails, and fished out those 2 emails which really matters to me. Through which I figured out the to-do for the day before my client steps in by 6:15 PM.
  • It was 1:30, Missy Linda wanted some time to relax and prepare her for the day. So she opened ‘Yalla Ludo’ (In this ludo, we can talk while we play, best na!). She didn’t realize until the clock struck 3:00.
  • Then the binge-watch series time; currently, Schitt’s creek is running.
  • And for some god damn reason, she opened her phone gallery; another 30 mins gone.
  • ‘Missy, it’s 4; hardly you’ve 2 hours to work’. But Linda preferred to open ‘Duolingo’ app, yeah, to learn Hindi. Did she at least learn some new words? Nooo!
  • Finally, she started to work and Booooom! her local code folder was broke.
  • Taking the latest from the code repository will take 1 hour 😦 That’s why you should not play with Mondays. Remember, Mondays are bad bitches.
  • Usually, after 5 it will be a hot seat. That’s my nephews’ preferable time to visit me.
  • Somehow worked on the daily deliverables and ended up with a pile of doubts.
  • 6:15, the onshore daily status call happened.
  • After all the hustle, my inner being demanded a strong coffee! Brewed a cup of coffee and back to work.
  • 7:30, It’s time to unload my doubts to my boss and to discussion on the upcoming work.
  • The call went well until he noticed my code folder ‘WhyGodWhy’! He cracked up. After I was frustrated about the broken folder, I named the newly checked-in folder so.
  • The call was done and it was 8:30 past when I decided to sign off; Oh yeah wait! that’s the time my offshore team chooses to ping me to clarify their code doubts.
  • Uff! I’m done and it’s a wrap baby!
  • Finished off my dinner and sat to write this blog while listening to my daily YouTubers – Ezhuchi and Madan Gowri to keep me updated on the daily affairs in my region.

And then my nightlife begins 😛 Fingers crossed, should sleep before 1 today!

This totally left me with a nostalgia feel on those old days when I used to write diary.

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