My first love

My first love, Nah, my first crush! Let me write down about my first crush today.

Being an IT employee I’ve seen quite a lot of guys of different stature and look. Here are the 2 guys who drew my attention.

In my first company, I was a little mischievous girl among the old lifeless people. It was a small scale, 200 employees office. So my manger made me sit in the first place which is at the very entrance. I hated to work sitting there. One fine evening while I was little sincere in my work, I heard a familiar voice and a strange bold voice. Looked up it was a new guy talking with my HR. The guy saw me too, now and then I was looking at him and I was wishing that he should join here. The next day I came to know yesterday was his first day at work and the guy works in the UK shift in the sales team. Post 5 PM, he used to come office, within one month most of the guys in the office started to talk with very friendly. Then only I got to know that he’s owing a NGO and most of the guys are already into his NGO.

Jebastin who sits next to me is a football player and he’s a very good anna of mine! One evening he came to my cubicle and started to have a conversation with Jebastin, I was pretending to work but listening to them and wondering how they knew each other. Then he told me that weekend they all went to a football tournament and became good pals. Thereafter every day he comes to our cubicle, so whatever it takes Linda will be there in her cubicle between 5 to 6. 😀 Then he eventually started to talk with me also, his English is so sophisticated and lavish in his thunder voice, after all, he is all salesperson, his tone and his English matters a lot for his job; And so for me :p It went fine until the day I saw his FB profile. I totally shattered down. Two girls were very close to me there to do these chitchats. I screenshot and sent to them his fb profile, they laughed like anything because the guy who I was crushing for 2 months is a father of a 7-year-old girl. Fuck, no one told that he’s married. Wasted!

Another one, It was the time when I joined Infy; we were on bench those days. We, a gang of 6, used to spend the entire day for 1 month in the food court. Those were fun-filled days; we eat, roam around, feel tried, and go to dormitory kind of days! I’ve literally done ROFL and laughed until stomach hurts!!

In the middle of a day, while brunching in the food court, among 2000 people that one guy stood out and all of sudden everything went a blur, like a Bokeh photo! :p I didn’t mind at all. Then I started noticing the guy coming for lunch with his gang at the same time. One day we were discussing our personal preference on the look of the partner. Suddenly it turned out to pointing random people and commenting; yah it’s nasty and if anyone eavesdropped our conversation, we would have under ASHI(Anti sexual harassment initiative) compliance. Thankfully we were saved. Coming back to the game, my gang was busy pointing out random people and claiming their choice, there comes the hero :p I pointed him and told ‘hey this guy is my kinda guy’ they laughed out and criticized how mokka my choice was.

The guy was tall, dusky, and rugged! What else a girl can expect. But they made fun out of me and that continued for days. One girl in my gang was very interested and she bet that she will make me talk with him. We hardly knew anything about him. But she took her FBI cap on and started to research. She followed him post-lunch and spotted his building and floor. Then she found out he’s from the Boeing account. Great progress it was :p Then she told she’ll find his name, and she did it. How? not only him, his entire gang was familiar to us. One day the gang came, he wasn’t there. While crossing our table one guy told ‘Dai Balaji ku work irukan da’, Lol, immediately our FBI girl told that guy’s name is Balaji.

Then what, started to find the guy through Infy directory by his name. What are all the odds to find a person among lakhs of people with this common name? But she did! That’s when my interest was really started. Calling a guy through the office directory isn’t our thing. So we waited for the right time. One day we were waiting in the long queue for the food token and guess what, he was standing right next to me. You know how much I was embarrassed that time, he was standing next to me and my entire gang was doing all sorts of circus, laughing, giggling, poking me.. ufff.

She’s tat FBI girl! And it was a candid pic!

Then after we were moved to project space and didn’t get to sit in the food court much. But after few days, one in our gang got into the Boeing account :p Sort of collected all the information about him. No use, he just lasted as my crush and I never attempted to talk with him. After a few months, he left Infy also. Once again I saw him for the last time, on the hectic late morning I came out of my apartment. I was locking the gate and turned, boom there he was! Riding a RE in a white shirt, and the very important note is, he was staring at me. yes, that was a long stare!! 😛 THE END.

Having a crush is fun when you have the right people to enjoy that feel along. The beauty of crush is ‘no expectation’ hence ‘no disappointment’. That’s why most of the people treasure their crush feelings. There is no hurt in it, only butterflies!  

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